Punching Down - Episode 18

This week’s offerings:

Fan mail. Our loyal leader (listener+reader=leader) Joe Scales appoints himself editor of the Punching Down Fan Mail segment, to which he’s also a contributor. How does one actually create a Punching Down podcast, Joe wonders. We talk about our vintage-futuristic Podcast Machine and why we’re constantly yelling at it.

Occupy! This time, Justin doesn’t get chased. Rather, he does the chasing - of 2 cops! A batch of OPD emails from Jan. 28, sprinkled with references to reporters’ tweets and livestreams. A brief taste of what Occupy SF and other activists might do April 1. No #newsdesert here, only the most delicious #newsdessert money can buy.

Twitter bugs, like the one that made us unfollow you.

Tim’s man-meat, delicately sliced. Our favorite semi-regular guest shares the next chapter in the story about his vasectomy.

Punch. As always, copious amounts of punch.

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