Punching Down - Episode 25


Well, it finally happened: Somebody grabbed Justin’s camera while he was livestreaming! Was it a cop? No. A banker? No. An occupier? No!!!!

Who was the evil villain in the latest installment of Justin Gets Chased Grabbed? It was, not just one, but two, spectators during Occupride’s disruption of this year’s SF Pride parade!

And if that’s not bad enough, why did one of Justin’s livestream archives of Occupy Oakland’s move-in day get blocked on YouTube?

You’ll hear about what happened with that, and then we get all Inside Baseball as Eve observes some changes over at our former place of employment. Looks like they’ve gotten themselves a fancy new content management system! But, as Eve notes, the upgrade may not be without its downsides.

We also let you know what Punching Down alums Brock Keeling, Susie Cagle and Andrew Dudley have been up to lately, so stick around!

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