at least he didn't have bad breath

The anniversary of Occupy came and went, but Justin’s still feeling the effects from reporting on the big day in San Francisco. Hear about all the drama that happened after a couple of street vendors began trolling a group of occupiers who had taken back Bradley Manning Plaza. This leads Eve and Justin to wonder about some possible ways we can use livestreaming that go beyond street protests and civil unrest.

Then we look at a recent flap on the Internet involving Punching Down pal Beth Spotswood, who got accused on Twitter by another area blogger of stealing stuff even though she didn’t. When faced with the truth, did the blogger do the right thing? Listen and find out!

Punching Down - Episode 17

This week we’re thrilled to bring you a very special installment of Punching Down - The Brock Keeling Story!

Here’s how it goes: Once upon a time, there was a kid from Orange County named Brock who loved to surf and skate. Then one day found himself in a Bay Area bar where he met Eve Batey, although he has no memory of the encounter. Regardless, this led him to becoming editor of the beloved local blog, SFist.

Somewhere along the way, Brock mastered the art of web-logging. His secret? “Just vomit onto the screen.” Also, sleeping in the nude.

Eventually, he kicked the morning coffee habit and got into food writing. But after the Great SF Food Truck Bubble of ‘13 burst and all the bloggers lost their jobs, Brock turned to making porn, starring certain members of the SF Board of Supervisors.

Today, Brock is working on his latest project, in which he’s hoping to cast former SF mayor Gavin Newsom. “I bet [Newsom] has a big dick,” he says.

We’re currently soliciting possible titles for said project, so please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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