Punching Down - Episode 20

Punching Down is back with a bang! So is Susie Cagle!

And just in time for the May Day General Strike, which is scheduled to kick off early Tuesday morning with an occupation of the Golden Gate Bridge (?! We’ll see! UPDATE: Oh well.) then continue with the opening of another SF Commune¬†amid other direct actions and protests around the Bay Area.

Susie, our friend and independent journalist who’s been doing a kickass job reporting on the Occupy movement, says this about #M1GS: “It’s gonna be totally insane, all over the region. It’s just gonna be nuts.”

Then, Susie and Justin talk about their launch of Commie J-School. Did you know that you can get a journalism education without all that debt? Now you can!

Lastly, if you’ve made it this far, we discuss whether some newspaper buying another newspaper is a good thing or not.

Something something future of journalism!

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