Punching Down - Episode 1

In Episode 1 we talk about some modest improvements made to the new Google Reader, as well as Justin’s unpleasant reminder by Occupy Oakland that four legs good, two legs bad!

And, we’ll needlessly speculate whether or not some occupiers of SF attacked members of the San Francisco Police Department during a recent march in solidarity with Egypt.

Dear listeners, please call our Google Voice number at 415-8PUNCH0 (415-878-6240) and make fun of morning coffee or anything else you feel like. We’ll play the best voicemails on our next show!

Punching Down - Episode 0

Welcome to Punching Down, a podcast and some accompanying notes on media from Justin Beck and Eve Batey.

In Episode 0 we talk about some upsetting changes to Google Reader, the origins of the Punching Down podcast, a recent instance of punching down by some Bay Area journalists on Twitter, and word clouds.

So, grab your morning coffee (oh you’ll need it!) and enjoy the show.

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