Punching Down - Episode 23

Andrew Dudley is not a trained journalist. So, what business does he have showing up at events wearing his reporter’s hat and asking reporter-y questions? Judge for yourself: Haighteration, Hayeswire, and Uppercasing are three SF neighborhood blogs which Andrew runs and oversees, and still they somehow manage to inform and entertain their respective communities.

If we didn’t have people like Andrew who are not trained journalists, how else, for example, would residents of the Lower Haight know about the illegal abortion clinic that used to be at 327 Fillmore? And where else would they go to argue with each other about the color of the new bike lane on Duboce? (Hopefully not SFGate!)

So, if you are not a trained journalist but still want to ask questions and get answers about what’s happening in your part of town, do not lose hope. Go ahead and start a blog! Because as Andrew has proven, you don’t have to follow one path to do something you’re passionate about.

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