Punching Down - Episode 22

Would you rather do what you want to in life, or be someone else’s monkey and just do what you’re told?

If you’re like San Francisco-based writer Brittney Gilbert, who back in 2005 was one of the first bloggers working in TV news, you’ll put up with only so much. The constant harassment from angry readers of your blog, the lazy and entitled newsroom bigshots informing you that social media is stupid, the clueless bosses grilling you on why their stupid hashtag isn’t trending — typical crap that the young, modern journalist has to endure in the business.

The story of her journey from Nashville to the Bay Area, then to New York and finally back to the Bay, ought to be required listening for every journalism student. 

Happily for Brittney, she found a way out, and now she’s doing what she really wants: “I was just like, fuck it. I’ll just wait tables and write.”

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    Brittney helped a lot of bloggers out when she was at Nashville is Talking. Hearing her talk about her experiences and...
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