Punching Down - Episode 19

Could anything be more fun than getting kettled and cuffed by the cops for allegedly messing with a railroad?

How about the SFPD busting into an urban commune (where you were charging your phone), and pointing a so-called less lethal shotgun at your face?

If you happen to be a journalist, that’s where the fun sort of ends, actually, in part because it’s kind of difficult to report the news when your hands are zip tied and you’re sitting in the sheriff bus.

This week we’re delighted to have as our guest independent journalist Steve Rhodes who describes in detail these true stories about getting arrested while reporting.

For those that don’t already know Steve, he’s often seen covering the news in the Bay Area, including the spectacular April 1 takeover of an abandoned building in San Francisco by Occupy SF, and the forceful eviction by the cops the next day.

Besides his two arrests, Steve also talks about the path that’s led him to become one of the region’s essential sources for real-time information and images.

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